StandardOptionalCLICK : BACK TO KUBOTA ENGINE5.280HE   62HP

_B 3 Instrument Panel
_Tachometer / hour meter
_Oil Pressure Warning Light & Audio Alarm
_Water Temp. Warning Light & Audio Alarm
_Battery Charge Light & Audio Alarm
_Glow Plugs
_Water Temperature Gauge
_Starter Key
_Setup For Control Cable Use
_Engine Mounts
_Owners Manual
_Warranty Certificate Book
_Electrical Harness 13' (4m)

_Heat Exchanger
_Fresh Water Pump
_Sea Water Pump
_Fresh Water Cooled Exhaust Manifold
_Exhaust Manifold With Water Injection
_In Line Injection Pump
_Fuel Pump
_Fuel Filter
_Oil Filter
_Electrical Wiring 12 V
_Manual oil pump out pump
_Electrical Stop

_Floating ground Wiring
_Power Take-Off
_Shaft Coupling
_Propeller shaft
_Exhaust System
_Throttle & Shift Control
_Sea Water Strainer
_Fuel Hoses
_Sea Water Hoses
_Keel Cooling
_B 3 or C 3 Full Instrument Panel
_Racor Filters
_Down Angle or V-Drive transmission

Technical Specifications
Power:                                        45.6 kW (62 hp)
Maximum RPM:                         2800 RPM
Displacement:                            167.57 cubic in (2746 cc)
N° of cylinders                           
5 in line
Bore / Stroke:                             3.42 x 3.64”  (87 x 92.4 mm)
Compression Ratio:                  23 / 1
Injection:                                     Indirect ( E-TVCS)
Intake:                                         Atmospherically
Cooling System:                        Heat Exchanger
Alternator:                                  12 V  60 A
Instrument Panel:                      B 3
Transmission:                            Hydraulically
Weight (incl trans)                      595.3 lb (270 kg)

Hose Diameters 
Exhaust:                                     2.36” (60 mm)
Fuel:                                           0.32” (8 mm)
Sea Water:                                 1.12” (32 mm)
Engine Max Install. Angle         15°